Podcast of ‘The Lone Protestor: Fiona Paisley in conversation with Bernardine Evaristo’

Bernadine Evaristo and Fiona Paisley at the Bishopsgate Institute Library, 14 June 2012

We co-ran an event on Thursday 14th June at the wonderful Bishopsgate Institute Library entitled The Lone Protestor. Fiona Paisley, in conversation with writer Bernadine Evaristo, discussed her new book on the life of Australian Aboriginal activist A.M. Fernando. The discussion touched upon a range of issues and histories relating to Australian Aboriginal history, British imperialism, and the way in which activists such as Fernando opposed British imperialism whilst living in the metropole. Fernando was based in Europe during the inter-war period and lived and worked in London, thus his life story is particularly important for our Drawing over the Colour Line project. Although there is no known artwork representing Fernando, we will be making sure to look out for photographs, drawings or paintings of him during our archival research. In the audience of The Lone Protestor event were members of two families who had employed Fernando during his time in London, including one person who when he was a child knew Fernando. To listen to the podcast of the event, please visit the link here on the UCL Soundcloud page or listen to the embedded podcast on the Equiano Centre website here


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